We've received positive feedback from every client 

Large restaurant group

Fixture was brought in by the marketing team of an expanding restaurant group to help them identify their key customer segments (and their behavior and preferences), and help them use this information to increase customer visits to their restaurants. 

We delivered comprehensive research showing visit history across all their key markets, and what drove these customer visits. We helped the team determine key performance measures to pay attention to as they work to increase revenue through their marketing efforts. We also helped them prioritize the most important customer profile components, and how to leverage them in specific marketing efforts. 

“I really liked the predictors of unit volume. We find this really helpful as we go into new markets.” 

“You guys have been really diligent in sharing information with us.” 

- Our client, VP of Marketing


Private equity firm

Fixture worked with an international private equity fund with over $5 billion in assets under management to conduct due diligence on a potential acquisition. The primary goal of the project was to determine the demand in the market and future sales growth potential for the product of the acquisition candidate. 

Fixture interviewed executive leadership of large restaurant groups to determine their evaluation and buying process for as well as experience with this particular product. 

The result of the project was focused feedback from interview candidates and a summary assessment that were instrumental in acquisition the decision of the private equity fund.