Our process provides our clients with an end-to-end solution that includes implementation


We draw from the most fitting data sources, cleanse the data, then integrate. Data quality in determines data quality out, and not the other way around.


We run the integrated data through our algorithms to generate beneficial outputs. Through understanding the business model as well as seeing the data outputs, we determine the revenue drivers of the business.


We develop ways to measure the success or failure of the revenue drivers of our client's business. We monitor what we measure, and seek to optimize over time.

Our solutions cater to your growth stage

Customer Intelligence

Having lots of customers starts with having happy customers. Creating happy customers comes from understanding what they want, and then delivering. Through leveraging industry leading behavioral science research and working with PhD psychologists we have developed a highly effective method for learning customer behavior and preference / desire. We intentionally remove customer biases in order to receive clearer signals in our research.

Market Dynamics

A key component to being successful with customers is understanding the market: competitive landscape, behavior and preference as they pertain to geography, and key demographic concentrations. We have a large existing data repository and are continually growing it to help companies know where to locate new sites, how to pursue regional sales / marketing strategies, and fuel other strategic initiatives. We also assist investors with due diligence.

Strategy Development

Upon discovering key insights about your business, you must develop a plan to act upon them in order to successfully drive revenue. Our plans are not exhaustive document binders (that usually are too long to read) but rather short, tactical plans that fit with your style of work and leadership.

Metrics and Monitoring

A revenue growth plan can’t be successful without a means of measuring the effectiveness of executing against the plan. When we help clients determine the right performance indicators (e.g. unique restaurant visits), we help deliver a system for continuously monitoring such indicators. We often build dashboards for our clients to show performance visually and intuitively.